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DEXTERGORDON.COM is the official business website representing the legacy of late tenor saxophone legend, composer, and Academy Award nominated actor DEXTER GORDON® (1923-1990). DEXTERGORDON.COM is the exclusive property of DEX MUSIC LLC.

DEX MUSIC LLC, the sole legal representative and owner of Gordon's name, image, and commercial likeness, controls Dexter Gordon’s intellectual property, copyrights, image rights, logos and trademarks, and administers Gordon’s music publishing, licensing, branding, merchandising, and all other commercial activity.


The commercial use of any artwork, images, logos, sounds, texts, or other elements derived from Dexter Gordon's life work, name, and/or likeness must be authorized and formally licensed from DEX MUSIC LLC.

The deliberate unauthorized use of any of the aforementioned without direct consent or (mis)used ("bootlegged," copied, stolen, falsified, redistributed, or duplicated) explicitly for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited by law and any violations of the intellectual property of Dexter Gordon®.

® or DEX MUSIC LLC may render such actions and all responsible parties involved liable for hundreds, thousands, and potentially even millions of dollars in punitive legal damages.

We therefore respectfully request that the propriety of all intellectual properties, brands, images, trademarks, copyrights, and the like, either seen or acquired through the properties or products on this website, be carefully and respectfully honored. 


Maxine Gordon, President




To make a tax-deductible contribution to The Dexter Gordon Society, an affiliated non-profit 501c3 organization, visit DEXTERGORDON.ORG.




  • Mechanical licenses are available for those who wish to record or release Dexter Gordon’s original compositions.

  • Synchronization licenses are available for use of Dexter Gordon’s music in film, television, theatre, gaming, the web, technology, new media and other platforms.

  • Master Use licenses are necessary for those who wish to reproduce existing recordings.

  • Intellectual property licenses are available for name and image branding, merchandising, and general commercial use of other intangible assets.



Dexter Gordon® photos are available from various periods of his career and can be licensed for commercial purposes from the image publisher. Below is a list of publishers who control rights to Dexter Gordn photos:

    • Mosaic Images - Photos from Dexter Gordon's Blue Note sessions by legendary jazz photographer Francis Wolff.

    • CTS Images - Photos from Dexter's performances in Copenhagen, Denmark by Danish photographer Jan Persson. 



    Elements of Dexter’ Gordon’s legacy may be licensed from Dex Music LLC for merchandise and commerce. If you are interested in licensing an element of Dexter Gordon’s legacy (name, image, voice, signature, music, etc) for your business, please contact us.



    DEX MUSIC LLC owns the publishing rights over a large number of Dexter Gordon’s original compositions. These compositions are available for various licensing purposes and may be licensed by contacting Warner/Chappell Music (Warner Tamerlane). See contact details below for music licensing.

    Publishing Contact:
    Dave Pettigrew
    Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing
    Phone: 212-275-3100